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ProPERLA masonry Creme
Insulating, Breathable, wall coatings to improve your properties thermal resistance

You dream it. We deliver it.

Masonry wall Coating is a waterproof, self-cleaning & breathable masonry paint

It will insulate mineral building materials with its clear protective surface

Masonry creme creates a clear insulation barrier for single skin buildings and those built with a cavity. It has been proven to help retain heat in walls and reduce heat loss by insulating the mineral building materials with its clear waterproof and protective clear cream surface. It chemically bonds to the surface, creating an invisible insulation barrier which will reduce water absorption.

In contrast to our coloured masonry paint, the masonry creme does not alter the appearance of the building, it helps to maintain and protect the natural beauty of the masonry. The clear coating improves thermal efficiency and contributes to lower energy bills, by keeping walls dry, because damp walls act as ‘thermal bridge’ allowing heat to transfer from the inside out twice as quickly as it would if the walls remained dry.

20 Year Product Guarantee
ProPERLA Masonry Crème benefits from a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee


Key features of our masonry creme include:

  • For use on a range of substrates including brick, stone, concrete and sandstone
  • Manufactured in Germany using the very latest, superior technology
  • It has undergone UKAS Accredited testing
  • Verified by the Energy Saving Trust
  • One-coat masonry protection cream
  • Penetrates up to 17mm into the substrate to provide a clear insulation barrier
  • Chemically bonds to mineral surfaces
  • Dries clear, it does not alter the appearance of the substrate
  • Super hydrophobic coating
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface like the Lotus Effect
  • Highly breathable
  • Helps prevent salt efflorescence and sulphate attack
  • Helps prevent discoloration
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Prevents frost damage



Proven Performance

ProPERLA Masonry Crème has undergone independent tests by UKAS certified body Lucideon and has been proven to meet the following standards;

ETAG 034:2012 – 25 year hygrothermal performance

ETAG 004;2011 – external thermal insulation composite

BS EN ISO 7783 – 2011 – water vapour diffusion

BS EN ISO 12572 – water vapour resistance