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Do I need planning permission for my new windows?

You DO NOT need planning permission if you are replacing your windows for “like for like”

You WILL NEED planning permission if you planning on cutting a new opening and adding new additional windows.

All new or replacement windows require building regulation approval, unless you use an approved registered installer such as Wye Valley Home Improvements.

Wye valley home improvements will carry out a FREE site survey and advice on all building regulations and will always adhere to glazing building regulations as below:-

We will ensure your home is fitted with toughened or laminated glass where required for safety and home security reasons.

We will ensure your windows meet with the required ventilation building regulations and provide trickle vents where required.

We will ensure your home has means of an escape in case of fire, by fitting special fire safety hinges and designing your windows with the relevant size openings or floating mullions to allow easy escape. Or for a fireman wearing full equipment to enter the home.

We will ensure your windows meet with the latest thermal U-Value, therefore improving your homes energy efficiency rating.

Listed building will require a more detailed site survey to discuss individual requirements and solutions as planning permission can be more specialised in these areas.